Well, here we would say how fantastic, brilliant and professional we are. However, we realise how busy everyone is so we will not waste your time with all the adjectives and get to the basics of who we are. Elite Event Management Group is a division of an entertainment company fully operated and owned by an Australian Company.

Our basic motto is unique events and incentives with no boundaries! We discovered there was a great demand in the market place for something a bit different and unique in corporate hospitality rather than your traditional sit down three-course function. We believe when dealing with the Elite Group there are no boundaries!! We have a competent and well-trained team with hands on approach.

We are serious about the high standards of our events and incentives, which are all quality audited and only those that meet our high standards are offered. The Elite Group of companies are members of several professional organizations including The Victorian Tourism Operators Association, Meetings Industry Association of Australia, and are members of the Department of Public Transport.

Your feedback is very important to us. Please provide us with any comments, suggestion, or any other issues you may wish to raise by contacting us through the contact us section.

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• Crown Casino
• St Vincent Hospital
• Vic Roads
• Grogan Richards
• KBR Halliburton
• Fox FM
• Vodafone
• Commonwealth Bank
• Victorian Government
• Bendigo Bank
• National Australia Bank
• Telstra
• Medibank Private
• Melbourne University
• BP Australia
• Qantas
• Coles Myer
• Macquarie
• FAL Food Services


Why should we choose Elite to organise our next event?

We always provide a quality product that is unique with a lasting and memorable experience. All our products and sub-contractors are quality audited and only those that meet our expectations are selected. Please feel free to let us know if you have any specific request or a type of package we currently do not offer.

Why should we allocate a hospitality budget?

It is important to invite the people who will help achieve your company's objectives and goals for the day. The main purpose of the day may be to reward and motivate employees or clients, win new contracts, be referred to new clients or retain existing ones. Your objective for the day may be a Public Relation excise, to lift the profile of the company, employees to meet the new CEO or receive internal or external publicity from the media.

What advantages are they're going through an event management company?

Why risk you event being a flop when you could let the experts take care of your Event Management needs. We have selected suppliers, venues, caterers, entertainers etc that we can trust and know that they wont let you down.

With most of the venues and suppliers we have negotiated a rate which will be cheaper than the general public is able to get. So why waste your staffs valuable time in trying to organise something that we would be able to do in half of the time?

We are also often able to purchase hard to get tickets or tickets to sold out events such as the AFL Footy sow Tickets.

We can also organise promotional material, corporate signage, gifts and any other requirements you may have. We also provide event co-ordinators and hosts to meet and greet and assist with any requirements you may have. So sit back mingle with your guest and enjoy yourself.

Should we appoint an Event Co-ordinator at our company?

Yes, they become a point of call with us, being the Event Management Company. This way there is regular communication, with a better understanding of the companies goals and objectives. It is important to understand the type of clients or staff attending, their needs, names and position within the company, or what invested interest certain clients have in your company.

What does the Event Co-ordinator do?

Your company's event Co-ordinator, will liase between the invited guest and us. It is important to keep a database on who has been invited, company name, e-mail address, telephone numbers, mailing address, position, name of partner if attending and other information you may feel necessary for your own records. We might also require this information to add to our door lists to avoid any unwelcome guest.

The event co-ordinator is to also have the authority to strategically allocate funds to certain events or incentives with an approved expenditure limit.

It is important that your event co-ordinator is in attendance on the day of the event. Make sure they arrive on time and meet guest who may be arriving on their own. It is a good idea to provide transport to and from the event, as it can be intimidating and uncomfortable for guest to arrive to a function unaccompanied. It is recommended your company have several responsible hosts to network, strengthen client relationships and socialise with guests to make them feel welcomed.

Why is there a 3.0% surcharge when using my credit card?

As our prices are very competitive we cannot afford to cover the credit card merchant fee. Other payment options, which are fee free is direct deposit, cheque, money order, net banking or cash.

Will there be anybody representative from Elite Event Management Group in attendance at our event?

We will always have a representative in attendance at your event, except in the case of some ticket incentives products or other special events that do not require a representative. It is important to follow up with them after your event has concluded. At some events, promotion staff are used who are not suitable to discuss the particulars of your event.

How far in advance do we have to book?

It really depends on the event or the venue. Some events have very limited seats available which may require six months notice, where a day tour may be able to be arranged with only a few days notice. It is best to book as soon as you have an idea of your numbers.

Why do we have to purchase a minimum of 50+ tickets for some events?

There is very little or even no mark up with tickets to events and attractions. A minimum of 50 tickets is needed to cover our administration, postal and handling costs. We are also often able to negotiate with the promoters for a more competitive rate to offer the best possible price.

Can we purchase general admission tickets to events through Elite Event Management Group?

Most events we offer are generally corporate facilities, but for some events we do offer general admission tickets. (Refer to the individual sections of the web site for further details)

Are we able to have a marque or super box to our selves or do we have to share it?

Depending on the event, budget and your numbers. You may be able to exclusively hire out the facilities, alternatively you may be able to share with another corporate group.

Are we required to check, time, date, venue and other requirements prior to attending the event?

Yes, it is very important to check detail with Elite Event Mgt Group, your group organiser, or the promoter's official web site prior to attending.